The above video has got me thinking about “distracted” kids.  We hear that term all the time, mostly in the context of kids being distracted from the work we are trying to have them do and it’s typically not in a flattering way.

Kids these days.  They are just so easily distracted.


Unless I take their phones away from them, kids are just too distracted.


I have a hard time getting Tony to stay on task, he’s always distracted by the internet.


I don’t use Powerpoint because the kids just get distracted by all the bells and whistles.


I remember when I didn’t have to compete to get kids attention.  They have too many things to distract them these days.

I’m sure that you have heard more, perhaps even in a weak moment you have mumbled your own version.

But what if we thought about things in a different way?  What if we thought about kids as being easily attracted, as opposed to easily distracted?

Kids are easily attracted to electronic devices.


I love how attracted kids are to being creative.


Many kids are attracted to working hands on, with other kids, to solve problems.


Kids are attracted to learning from others, especially when they are experts in those things that they care about.


My kids are so attracted to worksheets, I can hardly print them out fast enough.

Well, maybe not that last one…

But, wouldn’t that shift be a game changer?

It’s time we focus on being attracted and less with trying to compete with being distracted.



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  1. What a poignant video! It gives us the initial assumption that the teenager is uninvolved with what is going on with his family because of his immersion in technology. I really like your play one “attracted to” instead of “distracted from”. Technology is just the tool, and when teachers work with it instead of against it, it allows students to accomplish so much. Great post!

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