As I sit soaking in the last of the beautiful San Diego sunshine on the back deck of the convention center, I’m reflecting a bit on my time here at ISTE12.  Frankly, my brain is tired as it always is at the end of these events and I am seeking out time and space to recharge, but I also want to capture a few quick reflections of my time here.  

Will Richardson’s words about the difference between what should be an old system based on scarcity and a new system based on abundance still resonate.  I snapped a quick picture of his slide and it deserves further conversation at some time, but for now I’ll say that teaching and learning in a system of abundance should be massively different than doing so in a system of scarcity.  The question of course is how quickly we are able and willing to make that shift.

My favorite quote of the weekend was actually a requote (RQ not RT) of a MaryBeth Hertz comment by Nick Provenzano:  

The difference between teaching connected [through twitter] is like a caveman walking out of cave and seeing the sun for the first time.  It’s hard to describe how life changing it is. 

There are huge parallels between this quote and the difference between teaching online as compared to teaching face to face and the relationships one builds with students.  I can’t wait to unpack and apply that quote more to what I am doing at VLACS.  

The dichotomy between the professional conversations (both formal and informal) and the emphasis on tools that do little to support systemic change on the vendor floor downstairs, continues to widen.  I mean seriously, how much money needs to be spent on interactive white boards before we realize they have no real impact on learning.*  Hopefully, the voices participating in the conversations become loud enough to influence the wallets that those tool distributors cater to.

And finally, as always its great to connect face to face with all of the great friends, colleagues and peers I have grown so close to over Twitter.  To those I connected with in San Diego, thanks for adding value to my time here.  To those I missed, I’ll see you next time.  

* I don’t consider the improvement in test scores these vendors tout an indicator of learning.

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